Simplified, Long-Lasting Outdoor Lighting.
ICON Pathlight
ICON Pathlight

Full brass Fixture, 4' lead wire and 15" height. Includes bulb and 10 year warranty.

ICON Uplight
ICON Uplight

Full brass, 4 foot lead wire and a 10 year warranty. Ideal for larger trees and higher light output.

Full Brass, 4' Lead Wire includes bulb, 10 year warranty.

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The only spotlight you'll ever need.

The Icon Spotlight can be used to illuminate trees, columns, water features and etc making them look defined and appealing to the eye. Adding spotlights to your home will give you beautiful lighting and security without flooding your home with light. Accentuate your home with icon spotlights.

  • Brass construction with antique bronze finish for durability and long term beauty.
  • Knuckle with hefty brass set screw for precise aiming and secure locking.
  • A raised, flat lens prevents water from puddling, reducing hard water build-up and water intrusion.
  • Watertight, silicone O-ring prevents water from entering the luminaire.
  • Adjustable glare guard to prevent direct glare and to minimize light trespass and light pollution.

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ICON Wash Light
ICON WashLight

A wider softer light, perfect for boulders, small trees and walls. 10 year warranty.

ICON Transformer
ICON Transformer

150 Watts, 12 or 15 volt output, Mechanical Timer or Wifi Timer included. 10 year warranty.

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An easy to install , highly capable transformer.

     Simple And easy to operate

  • Clamp-in connections make it easy to install new lighting modals.
  • Single 15V output to simplify LED installations.
  • Minimalist design and thin width make it possible to install with a low profile.
  • Easy-to-use basic timing functions that controller lights according to your installed modules.
14/2 Direct Burial Wire 100 foot roll

Most Versatile Size Lighting Wire, Waterproof, Rated up to 30 Volts, No Conduit Needed.

The Perfect Connection

Copper Crimp and Silicone Filled For Decades of Waterproof Protection.


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