ICON 150 Watt Plug & Power Transformer


Includes wifi timer and mechanical timer / 10 year warranty


ICON 150 Watt Plug & Power Transformer

The ICON transformer is everything you need for a small or medium-sized Icon Outdoor lighting setup you wish to install. The fully functional, attractive and modular design makes it easy for you to install.

Integrating this transformer is a breeze. That’s because it uses common-sense clamp connectors to make it easy to install new wiring. Just slide the wires into place and tighten the screws.

Mechanical Timer Or WiFi Timer

The petite transformer comes with either a mechanical or WIFI timer. We use the Kasa Wifi timer because of its ease of use and simplicity. The mechanical option is for a simple hour/minute on and off configuration.

Easy to Install

While you’ll need typical mounting tools (screw drivers/drill) this transformer doesn’t use knockout in the metal panel. Instead it uses a replaceable grommet, saving you the trouble of special metal tools.

  • Clamp-in connections make it easy to install new lighting.
  • Minimalist design and thin width make it possible to install with a low profile.
  • Easy-to-use basic timing functions that controller lights according to your installed modules.


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