ICON Uplight



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ICON Uplight

Lights, camera, action…just kidding! Spotlights in outdoor lighting aren’t the same kind used in the theater but these will definitely create visual ascents to showcase your beautiful landscape and features of your home. These can be used to illuminate trees, columns, water features and etc making them look defined and appealing to the eye. Adding uplights to your home will give you beautiful lighting and security without flooding your home with light. Accentuate your home with icon uplights.

Key features:

  • Brass construction with antique bronze finish for durability and long term beauty.
  • Knuckle with hefty brass set screw for precise aiming and secure locking.
  • A raised, flat lens prevents water from puddling, reducing hard water build-up and water intrusion.
  • Watertight, silicone O-ring prevents water from entering the luminaire.
  • Adjustable glare guard to prevent direct glare and to minimize light trespass and light pollution.
  • Includes a 4 Watt MR-16 LED 40 degree bulb.


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